Where is Jakes Creek?

Where is Jakes Creek?

Jakes Creek Chow Chow is the oldest recipe in my line of products and was created by my great grandmother, Louisa Schults. Are you wondering, what in the world is Jakes Creek? Jakes Creek is a beautiful stream that meanders through the Great Smoky Mountains and leads to Elkmont. And of course, it's the trek past the ghost town of Elkmont that most people remember. Once a full-blown town in the early 1900s, Elkmont made a name for itself as the second-largest town in the county. Most of the residents were employed by Little River Lumber Company, including my grandfather, Eldrige Ownby.

Jakes Creek Chow Chow was created using end-of-season vegetable, and adds a medium heat. My great grandmother didn't waste anything from the garden and this was just another way to preserve what was left. She chopped, added vegetables and spices until she created her desired taste.

We like to serve this tasty relish on pinto beans, greens, add it to a Rueben sandwich and if you serve it with a hot dog, you have created a Smoky Mountain Hot Dog, which is a family favorite. 

Try some Jakes Creek Chow Chow - you will love it!

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